Thursday, July 2, 2009

I shouldn't complain, but...

Simeon is a super sleeper. He always has been. When he first came home, it was a bear to try and wake him up for middle of the night feeds. Now, he generally goes to bed around eight and sleeps until 6:15 or so. Really, I love that he sleeps all night! But, 6:15? Really?

The other kids sleep until 8:30. I know; I should totally take advantage of the hours between to get something done. Problem is that I spend that time feeding the baby, pumping, and snuggling with him. (Yes, still pumping. He failed the swallow study and is much as I hate it, I can't bring myself to stop pumping and end his suppply of breastmilk.) I enjoy having him to myself in the wee hours. He is so cute! And so funny!

But, honestly, I'd rather be sleeping. :)


  1. Sorry, Tara but Joseph is and has ALWAYS been the same way with sleep. So I won't lie and say it gets better. :) I finally just got to where I would bring him back to bed with me and snuggle and snooze in there with him. Jackson will sleep til 9 if I let him! ;D

  2. Matthew's the same way. But since the time change, he's been waking up at around 7am. So we might go back to waking up at 6am when the time changes again. And I'm not a morning person at all.

  3. When my Downes sister was born in was very different than what happens today. No one even told Daddy what was 'different' about my Debbie Lee. He had to figure it all out by himself. He was a poor farmer, but took it upon himself to investigate the 'difference' and within a month this poor farmer new what the Dr. did not tell. He also called my sister his greatest blessing from the Lord. She taught us all what the word love really means.
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