Saturday, June 11, 2011

Update on KJ & Eon

I spoke of our concerns about Keturah in my last post. I'm happy to report that her echo came back normal and she appears to be gaining some weight from the supplementation. Yay! Our follow-up visit is on the 22nd, so we'll see where we go from there.

Eon is doing great! He is 2 years and 4 months, now. He is so typical in some ways...asserting his independence, throwing the occasional tantrum, running away when called, hiding when eating stolen candy, wrestling his brothers, pretending to "die" when shot with a toy gun, etc. 

In some ways, Down syndrome seems more apparent than ever before. We are working hard on "inside voice" as he vocalizes loudly in public sometimes and I cringe. He's responding well to that, and will quiet down when I remind him (unless he's tired or hungry).

He is starting to really imitate more and more signs and we are even seeing him request things not given as a choice. For example, I asked him if he wanted to watch Barney or Blue's Clues. He thought for a minute and signed, "Signing Time". I didn't even know he could do that one! The other day, he heard the door slam and thought it was Shawn. He signed/said, "dada?" I told him that Daddy wasn't home and he signed, "Where?"

He seems to have trouble with the motor planning involved in signs and some issues with proprioception (knowing where his body is in space). Sometimes he'll attempt a sign and do it on the wrong part of his body, or make it look just like another sign when he clearly means the new one. Also, lol, he can't pick his nose. :) He will put his finger up there, then has to move it around to even find his nose, let alone the nostril, and by that time, I've put a stop to his intentions. Cracks me up!

We are adding OT back into the mix in hopes of helping him with these issues. (well, not the nose picking. LOL!)

Gross motor-wise, the kid has got it going on. He has some mad sliding skills. I was so impressed at our first outing to the park and he was able to climb right up to the slide, turn himself around and shimmy down, and then exit the slide to do it again...completely by himself! He's also learning to run and jump in PT. Even without full-on running, that kid is fast!

His receptive language skills are really good. He seems to know what we are saying, even when we wish he didn't. The kids like to quiz him. For example, they'll say random words and then throw in a food item. He'll say, "Mmmmm" every time he hears a food choice, even if it's something we rarely have! He also has very keen ears for the words "nap" and "quiet time" and will immediately start fussing if we utter them. :) 

Here's a pic from a meet-up. Eon had a wonderful time hanging with the princesses! :)


  1. Super! It sounds like both KJ & Eon are doing well. Signing wasn't done with hearing children when mine were little but I enjoying seeing so many using that now. How wonderful Eon is learning so many signs. :)

  2. So thankful her echo came back good and she is doing so well. Cracking up at Eon! Want to see those OT goals for nose picking LOL!

  3. Wonderful update! So glad that Keturah's echo came back normal and that you don't have to worry about that anymore. And it sounds like Eon is doing great, very typical toddler behavior ;)

  4. so excited to hear about the update and that all is good!! Eon is getting so big! and so happy KJ is healthy!! gotta love the "typical" toddler!! Maddie is so naughty and i love it!! smiles

  5. I'm so glad her echo was good! Claire has some body in space issues too. When we practice nose, she can point to it just fine on others, but when she tries to point to her nose, her finger usually lands somewhere between her cheek and her ear.

  6. I'm happy to hear about KJ...And Eon sounds like such a great little kid! I loved reading this :)