Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Signing, picnic, and VBS musings.

We recently counted up Eon's consistent signs and found there are about 40 that he uses regularly. Most of them are close approximations and some are so similar to each other that we have to pay attention to context (apple and candy, or bug and bird, for examples.) I continue to be amazed by how well he communicates with facial expressions alone, though. Those big blue eyes communicate volumes!

We went to the Down syndrome Indiana picnic last weekend and really had a good time. It's fun to connect with other families and see all the kids. Of course, I can't seem to stop myself from comparing him to other kids with Ds. Seems he's doing really well, especially gross motor wise, thanks to the wonder PT, Jill. She works with him at the playground, frequently, and now he's convinced there is nothing he can't do. Which is great...and scary! 

It is VBS week at church this week and for us, it's a family affair. The big girls are assistant leaders, Shawn does sound, and I work the nursery while the middles all participate. I enjoyed learning a bit about Eon last night. He is so comfortable with his brothers that he tends to be a little "in your face" with other kids. He was trying to play with a little boy about his age and he started off by tickling him. The other kid was having none of it, and I encouraged him to back off a bit. Then, he tapped the other kid and ran away, wanting to be chased. Other kid was still intimidated by this. Finally, he found a roll of duck tape and threw it, then chased it. Other kid watched for awhile and joined in and they played together.

At first, I was cringing that Eon was scaring the kid. It was obvious the boy didn't know what to do with this odd kid who doesn't speak his language. But, then I was happy that Eon seemed to sense that and adjusted his approach. He certainly isn't one to be ignored!

I also realized how nice it is that, for the most part, I am perfectly comfortable with how everyone loves and interacts with him at church. He is accepted just how he is and I hope that will always be a safe place for him and us. There are a few exceptions. There is one gentleman who means well, but I always get the vibe that he has to "try" to interact with Eon. He'll pat him on the head and say nice things, but I get the impression he's thinking he's such a great guy because he was nice to the disabled kid. Do you know what I mean? Kind of like prejudiced people who say, "Some of my best friends are black"?

Have I mentioned that I'm a little overly sensitive? :)


  1. I smiled while reading your last sentence. Good reading a post from you. ;) wink

  2. I endorse your overly sensitive approach! I do that for a living! And I think as parents our awareness of other people's vibes is often helpful. Biffle and I often identify folks who engage with Maybelle in public as having a family member with Down syndrome, if they have a particular friendly, comfortable vibe.

    Glad to hear how savvy Eon is in interacting with his peers!

  3. LOL...I get what you mean. What drives me nuts is when people seem to force themselves to be overly nice to Russell and they go right up to his face and talk really loudly to him, like he is deaf or something...I had one person lean in super close to Russell and say hi to him and then stand up and whisper to me "can he understand?"....Uggggg.