Tuesday, January 14, 2014

But God...

Setting off on our adoption journey, we were sure that we would be rescuing a child from one of those awful institutions we heard so much about. In fact, when we found out that Bogdan was in foster care, I felt almost guilty, like maybe his need wasn't great enough to warrant all the fundraising that we needed to do to bring him home. But we knew that God had a plan and that he was supposed to be ours.

On our first visit, our translator informed us that the social workers and foster family were already discussing which child would replace him. That gave me some measure of comfort and I often wondered about that child, who they were and where they came from.
I never thought I'd actually know anything. 

But God...

My friend, Leah, who was instrumental in leading us to our Bo and helping us navigate the world of Serbian adoption, is going back a fourth and final time to adopt a child with Down syndrome, this time a girl. 

Through the miracle of Facebook, I recently reconnected with Bogdan's foster family and received a whole bunch of early pictures of him. Wanting to share the wealth, I connected them with Leah who had also adopted a child from their home. 

In looking through their posted FB pictures, Leah made a marvelous discovery: Her new daughter, "J", is a foster child in their home! Through Google Translate, Leah was able to chat with them and discovered that "J" was the child that replaced Bo. She came from one of the worst mental institutes in the country and was in terrible shape when she arrived at their house. Even now, at 9-years-old, she weighs the same as our tiny 4-year-old Bo, thirty pounds. She needs to come home.

God didn't have to do that. He didn't have to fill that spot with a child in such dire need, a child that likely would not have survived much longer where she was. He didn't have to lead my friend to that particular child. And He certainly didn't have to put all the pieces together so I could see the tiny part we played in His grand scheme. I am so humbled and overwhelmed by it all. 

And excited!

There is a mad rush to this adoption. On April first, Serbia becomes a Hague certified country. Leah found out THIS MORNING that the adoption must be COMPLETE by then!

Funds are a priority. She does not have the luxury of waiting for her tax refund or creative fundraisers. She needs money NOW! The dossier needs to be shipped and translated, airfare needs to be purchased, etc. Be part of this amazing tapestry that God is weaving before our very eyes! Here is the GoFundMe page

Give a little, give a lot, but just GIVE!

And let's see what else God has in store...