Saturday, August 23, 2014

In Living Color

When Eon was born five years ago, someone said to me of the special needs journey, "The highs are higher and the lows are lower."

They were right. 

I see it in colors. Fuchsia, puce, burnt orange, aqua, sunflower for the highs, and indigo, charcoal, grey, and black for the lows. 

I wrote of my fears of sending Eon to kindergarten in a recent post. While he's perked up and seemed to be enjoying school more as time went on, I really didn't know for sure how successful he was.

Until his teacher called a week ago. 

She wanted to ask me if I felt ready to send him in underwear starting the following Monday. We'd been working on potty training, but he still needed reminders and had frequent accidents before school started, so we'd been sending him in pull-ups. Mrs. V. assured me he had not had one accident since school started, something we had noticed at home, as well. 

(He wore underwear all this week, including night time, and had zero accidents. I think he's finally got this!)

But she went on to tell me more. "I was just telling our inclusion specialist that I was looking forward to having him in my class this year, but I was concerned with how well he would transition into it. I am so impressed! He has far exceeded my expectations! It's like he's been in my classroom all year." (And yes, they have an inclusion specialist! Who knew?!?)

She went on to give an example. Each morning, the students are expected to hang up their backpacks, take out the blue folder and place it on her desk. Then they fill out their lunch menu and put it in the lunch box, get their seat work and begin working. "Eon does that every morning without reminders." 

Cue the bright colors! I am over the moon! 

We have seen other positive changes in him since school started, too. (Although, there anything better than fully potty trained?!?) The other day, he came into the kitchen, fixed himself a jelly sandwich, and put everything away when he was done. Well okay, Mr. independent. Help yourself! 

I've noticed him playing with and interacting with Bo a lot more when he's home, as well. I think he misses him. I'm not sure Bo agrees that attention from Eon is a positive change, but he'll come around. 

It's been a week since that phone call and I'm still seeing color. He's in the right place. It makes my heart happy. 

Chef Eon helping Mom in the kitchen.


  1. I want to say that I'm so happy for you all! This is great news. Praying it continues to be a good thing for him and for you all.

  2. Such great news!! Way to go Eon!!