Friday, August 7, 2009

Simeon is six months old now and I thought I should give an update. He is such a delight! We went on a camping vacation last week and he is the best little camper ever. He can sleep anywhere. I felt guilty much of the week because he spent so much time in his car seat or stroller. I tried to make sure he got enough tummy time and stimulation, but I don't think we did his prescribed therapy even once. Imagine my surprise when we returned home and he suddenly started meeting some milestones that he's been working on.

He can now sit unsupported for brief moments. He can prop up on straight arms when prone and scoot to the side to get at a toy out of reach. He can transfer toys from one hand to the other and everything goes in his mouth. We will be starting infant cereal soon as he starting to watch us eat and mimmick our mouth movements. These are all things that seemed so far away just a few weeks ago. His PT is so impressed that we will be starting weekly sessions as soon as we get approval.

He had not had any apnea episodes since surgery until last week in the camper when he had two in a row and needed stimulation to recover from the second one. So grateful for that monitor! When he sleeps on his back, he goes into bradycardia but no one in the medical community seems to care, so we just let him sleep on his tummy.

I am officially done pumping and feel really good about that decision, although if he gets sick anytime soon, I'm sure the guilt will come. I am amazed that he was able to get breastmilk until six months and even more amazed about how much more time I have in my day.

He is still the star of the show around here and sometimes I even get irritated when I hear his siblings constantly bicker, "No! He already gooed at you. It's my turn now!" His oldest brother, Ben who will turn four this month, is still his biggest fan and has been participating in therapy sessions so that he can "do therapy" on his own with Eon (with mom closely supervising, of course).

I cannot believe the depth of love I have for this baby.


  1. Tara, I don't think I've ever seen a picture of Eon, he's adorable!! Sounds like he's doing great!!

  2. I love your posts!! Love the picture, too.. what a cute! I miss you all!

  3. Hey Tara -
    Sounds like you had a good vacation. We just got back from our vacation as well.

    And it sounds like Eon is doing great!! He is moving right along and will be up and running before we know it.:) I swear that each time I get frustrated by Anna's progress, or lack thereof, and finally give that frustration over to God, that God rewards our patience and Anna busts out a new skill or two. I am learning a lot about patience :)

    Love the picture of your little man

  4. Eon is such a cutie and is doing great, especially with wonderful siblings who obviously have an insatiable appetite for his attention. :-)
    I remember when I was pumping I thought "So this is how a cow feels. Production, production, production." hahah!