Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just a baby

Last week, we had our first meeting of the year for our homeschool group. Our family was basically MIA for the spring semester last school year because of Eon. Our group was kept updated on Simeon's birth, diagnosis, subsequant hospitalizations and surgery via frequent emails from a friend and fellow member. I took Eon along to the meeting and it was the first chance many had had to meet him.

Generally, the comments were of the "he's so cute" and "how's he doing" variety. But one gal really surprised me. She stopped to chat and tell me that they'd been praying for him. After asking the usual questions and watching him for a bit, she shocked me by saying, "Oh! He just makes me want to have another one!"

It took me awhile to realize why I thought that was so cool. I think it's because she saw Eon as a baby, first. And second, it's because she not only totally accepted him, she'd be just fine with one of her own. Of all the women there, not one other woman looked at my baby with longing. But she did. I can't tell you how it warmed my heart.


  1. Tara, you have given me goosebumps!! Love it! Simpy, LOVE IT!

  2. That is truly heartwarming. No one ever looks at my guys and says, "Makes me want more." LOL! Not because the boys aren't "too cute to measure" as their older sister says but because I have identical twins (who happen to have Down syndrome). I think we have single-handedly reduced the number of pregnancies (and the activity that produces them) in our neighborhood. Absolutely NOT because of the DS (all are instantly amazed and charmed)... but because THERE'S TWO OF THEM.

    Thank for stopping by my blog. I'll be following along. Feel free to ask any questions of me and our experiences at all. Anything I can do to help, happy to do so.

  3. So sweet. Many times when I don't have Brennan with me and am telling someone for the first time that he has Down syndrome - I get the moment of silence, or the "did you know before he was born" etc. Just last week, I told someone & she just said "I can't wait to meet him!" It felt like the perfect response.