Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Down Syndrome Clinic

We had another appointment at the Down syndrome clinic on Monday. Good news all around. First, we don't have to return until Simeon is one year old the end of January! Second, his weight is good at almost 19lbs, but not so high that we're worried about the added cereal in his bottles. Third, Dr. Stanley agreed with me that we should postpone his feeding study for a few months.

He will have a video feeding study around 10-11 mos. where we can look at how he does with thicker foods, as well as thin liquids. My hope is that, as he continues to be upright more and strengthens his trunk, he will be more apt to pass the study.

We also reduced the dose of Zantac that he takes for silent reflux and eliminated his iron supplement due to a clear CBC.

Developmentally, he's doing great! I have no idea where he is in relation to typical kids - he's just Eon, ya know? (Athough, with six kids, you'd think I'd have more of a clue:) At one week shy of 8mos., he is able to:
  • Prone pivot - move around in a circle while on his belly to get at stuff; starting to move out of the circle, too, although usually backwards which frustrates him.
  • Sit unsupported for a few minutes at a time - I still can't walk away, yet, but it won't be long
  • Babble consonants - mamamama, dadadadada, blablablabla
  • Bring everything to his mouth, pass toys from one hand to another, and hold a toy in each hand
  • Push up with straight arms when on his belly, and just started to try to get on his hands and knees (needs a lot of work)
  • Roll both ways
  • Laugh hysterically, and throw a hissy fit when someone takes his toy

He eats about two jars of stage 2 baby food per day and is starting to think it's really funny to spit it all over his momma. :)

I never noticed these milestones with my typical kids. I didn't even know that prone pivot was an actual term or that it was desirable to hold a toy in each hand. Because each milestone takes a little longer to acheive, we celebrate them more. It's a good thing!


  1. yeah!! It sounds like Eon is doing great! =)
    I agree - never noticed the little 'inchstones' (as another mother put it) with my other two children - but they are all worth noting and celebrating!

  2. I agree too- Bennett rolling was so exciting and with my girls it was just expected kind of. Eon is doing great!!

  3. I found your page while I was blog-hopping. I know what you mean about all the milestones--I think each little thing Miss Banana does should be a party! Way to go Eon--sounds like he is doing fabulous!

  4. Yahoo, Eon!!! You've passed us in the Pudge department...and we've got 3 months on you!!! Keep 'em coming, Mr. Big Stuff...way to go!