Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Feeding the taste-challenged child

Eon has some weird eating habits already. At first, I thought it was just texture that he deplored. He does fantastically well with stage 2 baby food...from a jar. When I grind up whatever the rest of us are having (usually just the veggies), he stops all mouth movement, looks at me accusingly, and gags. Every time. We introduced Cheetos Naturals for him to self feed. He did great...when the therapist was here. Then, he did the gagging thing a few times and now he just takes them and tosses them off the tray.

Over the weekend, we went to Pokagon State Park to celebrate "Thanksmas" with my side of the family (don't ask), and he got to try apple spice cake. I was expecting the gagging/vomit routine, and he did gag once, but then he got excited and ate almost a whole piece, one tiny bite at a time. The next morning, he did the same with coffee cake.

I'm starting to see a theme. Cake = good....mom's cooking = very bad. So maybe it's not texture; maybe it's taste. Who knows?


  1. Sounds like he likes sweet and spongy texture. We are so not there yet. We are on stage one baby food. What if you were to make quiche or something with veggies but a soft texture? I guess he really knows what he likes. Best of luck

  2. Lily's speech therapist says that a lot of kids with Ds like spicy or very flavorful foods. It seems to be true with Lily. However, due to the fact that she's getting in 4-5 teeth all at once, she doesn't want much of anything...except yogurt and a bottle. Keep trying...I know it's a pain though.

  3. I agree the more flavor and spice the more likely Eon will like it, Joseph is that way too.

    The gagging is likely him not being able to chew, move, work back and swallow properly. Joseph did the same thing A LOT until his tonsils and adenoids were out. He simply did not have adequate space to swallow back there.