Sunday, December 6, 2009

Signing success!

Eon has been adding some signs. Since his initial "all done" sign after a meal, he has added "daddy", "mommy", a variation of "Michaela", and waves "hi" and "bye-bye". I admit to wondering if his signing was truly intentional or if his thumb just happened to be near his face at the time. The other day, Shawn walked into the room and said, "Hi, Eon!" He was rewarded with a huge grin, a wave, and the sign for "daddy"! No doubt that it was intentional. I was talking to our service coordinator about it and said, "He can sign 'mommy', too." As if on cue, Eon grinned really big and put his thumb to his chin.

I think that's pretty impressive for only ten-months-old!


  1. Tara...that is sooooo awesome!!! I think if Lily had a more consistent mama, she could be signing too. I am terrible at it though. We are finally trying. I think she knows what more means and she'll grab my hands and push the together, but hasn't done it yet on her own.

  2. I agree - very impressive! Way to go Eon! Anna has picked up a number of signs recently...albeit, they are her versions of the sign =) I have to interpret for anyone who knows what the real sign is supposed to be. But, oh -- the joy of being able to communicate! Keep it up! =)

  3. crazy impressive! wow!! my SN ds (2 and a half) can do "more" and sorta "music". LOL