Friday, November 5, 2010

Gotta be the Down syndrome

This week has been filled with appointments. I will be 39 weeks pregnant, tomorrow, and while everyone else nests by cleaning, I, apparently, nest by taking kids to various appointments. Whew.

I have decided I am wearying of the medical "experts" that have me running to appointments just because Eon has Down syndrome. I have a very good idea of the potential things that can go wrong in little bodies with extra chromosomes. I am starting to resent the fact that I have just been jumping through hoops because "they" tell me to. For example, this week, we went to the audiologist. Why? Because he has Ds and is supposed to get his hearing checked every 6 months, according to the developmental pediatrician at the Ds clinic. I understand why this is the recommendation for the general Ds population. BUT, Eon has only had two ear infections his whole life (many less than his typical sibs at this age), he has great ear passages, he has never failed a hearing test or screen, and he shows no symptoms that would indicate a hearing problem. So, why did I take him? Because "they" told me to! I am feeling like such a sheep! And, I'm tired of the "experts" only seeing Down syndrome when they make these recommendations and not looking at Eon as an individual.

Yesterday, we had speech therapy. I love her. She has seen all my boys and she's great. But, I'm huge, pregnant, hormonal, and exhausted and she was not picking up on that at all. Eon was throwing toys. She asked me if he always did that. No, he doesn't. Just when he's in a tiff about something. I explained that he's been crabby for a week and a half and is getting some new teeth.

She responds with, "Well, not to scare you, but that stubborn streak is pretty common with kids who have Downs." Really?!? Straight to blaming it on Ds? Could we not problem solve that he's a toddler and being a grump? Could we not chalk it up to teething, or not sleeping well, or a cold? Nope. Gotta be Down syndrome! Sigh.

She also took it upon herself to ask if we intend to send him to preschool. I tried to deflect the question with a simple "I don't know, yet", but she wouldn't let it go and started trying to convince me how helpful it would be for him. Again, really?!? Now?!? I have 15-months until that's even an option. I'm having a baby in a week or two. Can't we just focus on the now for now? Yeesh.


  1. PREACH IT!!!! you so should go with your 'gut' and the mommy instincts He gave you and spare yourself the hassle- and YES- my boys threw toys at that age too sometimes...i would think it weird if they didn't! you are an INCREDIBLE WOMAN AND MOMMY- you're doing great! Can't wait to meet your little one!

  2. Love ya, girl! That's gotta be rough, and I've no reference point. I get the same thing a lot, though. Doctors treat everyone like they know nothing even if you've been seeing the same one for years and they know how well educated you are on your child's condition. My family and back docs are the only ones that don't for us. It's how they justify the education that took forever and cost a mint. At least, that's my take. Maybe God is laying a specific kind of advocacy on your heart with this frustration, though. Our emotions are a gift, if used according to His will.

  3. Bless your heart! Yes, just focus on today, after all that is what God calls us to do.
    Hope you have time to rest up and relax a little before new baby comes.
    Can't wait to meet him/her!

  4. thank you!! I think the medical profession like to think eerything has to with Ds because they do not know or understand...I am so sorry you hae this stress before the big day!! good luck and happy laboring!! smiles

  5. Hang in there, lady. Everyone is going to have a 'professional' opinion about what is best for your little guy. You are a great Mommy. Just focus on what is to come...a little baby girl will be coming SOOOOOON. YAY!

    Love ya, Tara!

  6. Oh my, t he cynic in me would say...everyone wants a piece of the proverbial ds pie. :/ I heard the same "stubborn" speech by a professional a few weeks ago..and Lily is only 9months. Just preparing me I guess? I laughed and thought- she had 9 siblings before her who paved the way in stubbornness...I bet we'll be fine:)
    Can't wait to hear about your new little one!!

  7. Um, pretty sure being stubborn is a characteristic of an almost two year old, ds or NOT. Silly lady!

  8. Give it a label..... and, well, Ive noticed that everyone seems to think that preschool is the only way for Miss G. (truthfully we think its all about $$$)

  9. OMG! I sooo agree with what you wrote!