Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oh child of mine in a land beyond the sea...

I don't know what makes you smile,
or if you've ever had a reason to.

I know you probably don't cry.

Are your eyes blue like the ocean,
with spots and flecks like Eon's?

Or the color of mud and mine?

Do you run and play outside,
or do they keep you in a dark room?

Have they ever let you try?

I spend my days wondering what you are like
and what you'll think of me.

Have I lost my mind?

Will you watch me with wonder
or drop your gaze in fear?

You don't know what mama means.

Will you let me hold you
or will you want to know me slowly?

I'll try to be patient.

When our eyes finally meet,
Will my heart melt with instant devotion?

or will love need time to kindle?

So many unknowns, so many worries, so many fears.

But this I know: God sees. God knows. God cares. 

And this: You are wanted. You are loved. I am coming.

Hold on, little one. Hold on.


  1. Oh sweet mama....may God calm your worries and fears.... And fill you with His peace and assurance that He is in control.... He has brought you to this.... Love, hugs and prayers...

  2. Me too, I want to know the answers :-)

  3. sweet Jesus... this is amazing Tara. wow.

  4. Love this! Can't wait to find out all the answers!

  5. Your post was beautiful!!! Can't wait to follow your journey!!!

  6. oh.... the waiting.... its so hard. But its the perfect place to grow character and endurance. I cant wait to see Gods hand move.