Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dispelling Myths

I was reading a book to Eon that paraphrased the Lord's prayer for children. As I was reading, we were discussing the pictures and the text.

The drawing portrayed a little girl angrily yanking the stuffed bear from a little boy and ripping its paw in the process. The little boy was crying and the text read, "And forgive us when we do wrong things."

"Do you do wrong things, Eon?"

Shaking his head, "No. Bo!"

"Oh, Bo does wrong things. Does anyone else?"

"Um," signs and says, "Zak!" Pats my arm, signs and says, "And, Ben." Thinks for a minute, "Tali!"

"So, Bo, Zak, Ben, and Tali do wrong things. Is anyone else naughty at our house?"

He looks very thoughtful for a second and then brightens and announces, "KJ!"

"Eon, what about you? Are you ever naughty?"

Chuckles and responds, "Nooooo."

"What about Mick? Does she do wrong things?" 

He looks at me like I've lost my marbles and shakes his head, "No! Mick, BIG!" as he raises both arms high in the air.

He's right. His almost-seventeen-year-old sister is very tall. 

"How about Daddy?" 

"No! "Daddy, Big, too!" said incredulously and suspiciously, like he's just now realizing Mommy may not be playing with a full deck. 

I tried again. "Eon, are you sure you don't do anything wrong...ever?" 

Emphatically, he leaned in, did not make eye contact, and yelled, "NO! BO bad!" This time I caught a hint of a mischievous little smile.

I've been watching Eon do his own version of awareness this month of October. He's been busy dispelling popular myths about Down syndrome. 

Myth #1: People with Down syndrome are always so sweet!

As a four-year-old boy, Eon's favorite response to any question is, "poop." He uses it liberally and loudly. Myth dispelled. Nicely done, Eon.

Myth #2: People with Down syndrome are always so happy!

Eon has recruited his little brother, Bo, for this job. They are working to dispel this myth by holding public tantrums, as many and as loudly as possible. Last night, they managed to dispel this myth in their separate classrooms at church. Good work, boys.

Myth #3: People with Down syndrome are all so innocent!

Clearly, from the story above, Eon is conflicted about this one. So what I think he wants you to know is that people with Down syndrome named Bo are never innocent, and those named Eon are always innocent. Oh, and tall people are never guilty either, apparently. 

Sorry, buddy. That last one needs some work.

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  1. L.O.L.
    What a clever little stinker :-)
    Turns out... People with Down Syndrome are... People!
    He sounds like a pretty funny person, too.