Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I originally wrote this post in March for World Down Syndrome Day, but forgot to publish it. Oops! So, Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month, instead!

The National Down Syndrome Congress has a campaign, "More Alike Than Different," basically showcasing that people with Down syndrome are just like regular folks.

When Eon was a baby, I hung my hopes on that promise. I needed to know that he was very close to "normal." I needed to tell other parents that one day he would do all the things that their kids would. I needed to look to his future with hope.

But, here's the thing: He is different.

I may alienate a whole lot of fellow advocates by saying that, but it's the truth.

He learns differently, expresses himself differently, approaches new situations differently, relates to others differently...he's just different.

Some things are harder for Eon than they are for a typical child. He struggles with fine motor tasks like unbuttoning his shirt or writing letters. He has to work at retaining words and how to speak them. 

While Eon is really healthy, some kids with Down syndrome have multiple health issues. 

But, here's the other thing: It doesn't matter.

Our love for him is not different. 

We truly don't feel differently about him than we do his siblings. We don't feel frustrated by his differences. We're not sorrowful about his challenges. We're not overwhelmed by his needs. 

Our expectations for his behavior are not different. Our delight in him is the same. Our pride in him may be slightly excessive, actually. 

The campaign is truthful and valid. People with Down syndrome are more alike than different. While Eon does have these differences, he is more like his siblings than he is different from them. 

In spite of his differences, he's just a regular kid...with some quirks. 


  1. oh wow- I JUST posted about this on Instagram ! We are soul sisters :):)

  2. Loved this, because I totally agree! Russell is different, and that's ok. It's the different I want people to embrace and accept and understand. That's why I always feel uneasy pushing the "More alike than Different" thing. I think it brushes over and minimizes the beautiful things about being different.

  3. He's gorgeous is what he is ;-)