Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Homecoming Day! And Thank You!

One year ago, three very exhausted people unboarded a plane late in the evening of a quiet airport. One never even woke up to meet those that met us at the airport with balloons, friends who had prayed him home. Home he finally was. 
When I think of the enormity of that statement, I am overcome with emotion. We have so many people to thank. A couple of amazing women put together a short little video of our family, set-up a fundraising site, and prayed it would bring in some money. Nothing could have prepared us for the response. So many people gave, some a lot and some a little, but every dime appreciated and needed. Without you, he wouldn't be here. Thank you!

Locally, a lot of people helped with our massive fundraising garage sale by donating items, setting up, or staying and helping sell stuff in the 111-degree heat. Obviously, the shoppers were a huge blessing, too. God bless you! (That was unbearably HOT, only made slightly better by a friend loaning us a misting machine.) 

People donated their commission from Scentsy and Tupperware, and people bought Scentsy and Tupperware. Someone donated homemade cards and people bought homemade cards. And I am blown away by the creativity and generosity all for a little boy, unknown to any of us at the time. Thank you!

Those who cared for our other children in our absence have a special place in my heart. They gave of themselves generously and selflessly and without hesitation. I will be forever grateful that I could rest, across the sea, knowing that my children were safe and well-cared for. Thank you!

So many people prayed for us, in the process leading up to travel, during our trip, and in the year we've been home. Thank you!

Many of you listened and encouraged us, saying something nice when we needed to hear it, or making us laugh when smiles were few. Some of you encouraged without even knowing it by commenting frequently on Facebook posts, letting us know that you were standing with us. Thank you!

To all of you, we are indebted. You played a role in ransoming this boy. 

He is so fully part of this family that I rarely think about the magnitude of the fact that he is so fully part of this family. That is the sweetness of adoption. 

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