Monday, July 26, 2010

I see Down syndrome

When Eon was a few weeks old, I asked a question on Babycenter's Ds board: "When will I stop "seeing" Down syndrome?" Most of the responses were among the vein of "when his personality develops", "when he starts smiling", etc. I noticed Down syndrome every time I looked at him. I think I was looking for it in his features; some indication that it was actually part of him.

Our son, Zak, has blond hair. It is really, really, really blond. I see it every time
I look at him. I can tell when he's been in the sun because it practically glows. I notice if it seems a tad long or if Daddy missed a spot when he buzzed him. It is very much a part of his cool "surfer-dude" personality and I love it about him.

Likewise, I see Down syndrome every time I look at Eon. I can tell when he's tired because his features seem more pronounced. I look at him with wonder that he can look so much like his siblings, and yet, also like thousands of kids across the planet that have Down syndrome, too. I look at him with joy that he is special and different. Sometimes, I look at him with concern and wonder if there is more I should be doing for him. But, I never look at him and fail to see Down syndrome. It is part of his charm and I love it about him.


  1. Tara, you are so right, I always see Down Syndrome when I look at Emily, it's not all that I see, but you are right, it's a part of who they are and it's what makes them different, in such a neat way.

  2. When I look at Faith, I see "it" too...some days are harder than others, but still, I am thankful for each and every chromosome!

  3. Yes, I see it, too, and I love how John Michael is special and different, too. But there's a whole lot more I see as well. My older son always tells me that John Michael looks like him. I love that. He sees beyond the extra chromosome.

  4. I do too with Mattie, but in a good way! He's just so adorable and lovable! btw, how is the pregnancy going? :o)