Saturday, July 31, 2010

Odds and Ends

We had our first Down syndrome play date, yesterday! I was so excited to get to spend time with Laura and her adorable little girl, Lilly! They are former neighbors of our pastor's family and his wife, Julie, graciously invited us all over so we could connect. Lilly turned 2yo yesterday, and is just so cute! She's been walking since she was 14 mos. and is so fast. She's also the busiest little thing I've ever seen! I think she opened every available drawer and cabinet. I jokingly told Eon that I'm sorry I ever pushed for him to start walking! LOL!

Speaking of walking, our little man turned 18 mos. on Thursday and celebrated the day by taking his first steps! After standing independently in the middle of the room for months, we were all excited when he took it a "step further", so to speak. Unfortunately, I started clapping and cheering just as he fell, so he decided that falling was the thing we were celebrating. For the rest of the evening, he proceeded to stand up, fall, and clap for himself! LOL! Timing is everything.

I've had several people ask how the pregnancy is going. I'm 25 weeks and feeling okay.
We skipped all screenings except the level 2 u/s this time around. My reasoning was that of all the things they screen for (with the exception of CF), T21 is the only thing that doesn't have definitive markers readily seen on a level 2 ultrasound. We are not worried about this little one having Down syndrome, so it really made no sense to me to go through the screenings when anything else would be found on the u/s. That being said, I went into that u/s with much fear. I was terrified that they would find something fatal! They did not. :) Everything looked great and within normal limits. I was very relieved. I was quite excited to discover that our tie breaker is a little girl, too! After three boys, I am very ready for pink again. :)

Some pregnancies are easier than others and this is not one of the easy ones. I've experienced near fainting due to blood pressure dips, almost constant itching that has prompted some bloodwork for possible liver issues, and a strained back that left me bedridden for a few days. I'm thankful to know that this is just a temporary inconvenience for an eternal blessing, though! We are anxious to meet this little cutie and see what she brings to the table. :)


  1. Oh, a girl.... YAY!!! I will pray for your pregnancy... a busy mama like you cannot be bedridden or itchin' all day!

  2. Eon is doing so well- what a champ! Start nailing things down now ;)

    And so exciting to have another girl. I remember the itching well. Not fun.

  3. Yeah on Eon walking (or falling for claps =) Congrats on the girl! Fun, fun, fun! Hope you keep feeling well.

  4. That is too cute about Eon falling and clapping for himself!!:) I hope you can put a video up of it sometime? Congratulations on expecting another girl!!