Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pics of cuteness

Last day as the baby of the family.

Whoa! What's this thing?!?

Ahhhh. Good old therapy.

Baby sister decked out in Christmas duds.

Cheesy grin now given whenever he sees the camera.

Reflections. 2010 was a pretty good year.

Happy New Year, everyone!!!


  1. missed seeing cute pics of Eon, thanks for posting! hugs to you my friend, and happy new year

  2. Oh my goodness, Tara- your children are SO sweet! Happy New Year!

  3. Such cute little people! Love the picture you took of Eon on the last day of him being the baby of the family, so sweet. And the NEW baby of the family, ADORABLE!! Russell has the same monster jammies as Eon, ha ha

  4. Thanks for the comment-I needed a hurry up! We are away on holiday at my mum's at the moment. Summer here so off to the beach later, but will post when home, promise! Love the pics, Eon is getting so big!

  5. GREAT pix!! sending you healthy and happy New Year wishes..smiles