Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Second Visit

Today, we had a nice visit at B's foster home. They wanted us there at 11 a.m. so we could see him eat breakfast. He had a hot dog, some salami-looking-sausage, bread, and a yogurt drink. 

She fed him all of it, although sometimes he would stuff more food in with his fingers after he already had a big mouthful. I sat at the table with them and sipped Turkish coffee which is kind of growing on me. He was in show off mode at first and was tossing food onto the floor with his little smirky/flirty smile he does so well. I noticed that he mostly gnaws food with his front incisors.

We played cars and balls, today, which he loved. It was fun to watch him vroom cars and arrange them in a straight line on a shelf. He's a smart little cookie and imitated some things that we did with him without any prompting. 

I am pretty convinced that his ears are filled with fluid. We were told that they attempted to test his hearing, but were unable to because of tiny ear canals. Once we get him home, we'll get them checked. He doesn't appear to hear much and loves to press loud toys against his jaw/throat area just below his ear. He also likes to put his hand on the speaker of the television while watching it. This afternoon, he watched bits of "Sponge Bob" and "Madagascar."

Without a translator, we were able to determine his bedtime routine, how he eats and drinks and how he communicates hunger, thirst, and the need for a diaper change. We were also able to get a taxi back to the hotel. (I'm so impressed with our mad gesturing skills!) The family also showed us pictures of him when he was younger. I was so blessed to discover that he has had a cake and celebration for each birthday! I owe them a huge debt of gratitude for loving on my boy.

Tomorrow, we meet the social workers at the house. There was talk we might receive custody at that time. I hope so! The wheezing was so much better, as long as no one was smoking. 

He has just recently started walking and still has the "frankenstein" walk that kids start off with. He much prefers to butt scoot across the laminate flooring, but he's getting it. I'm very happy that we were told by another family to bring an umbrella stroller with us. We priced them at the mall today and they were about $200 (US)! 

I just want to express again how smitten I am with this little guy! He spent some time on my lap, again, but also willingly climbed into Shawn's a time or two. I think Shawn scored huge points when he brought out the balls for him to throw. He is going to fit in so well with his siblings. I'm also grateful for my background as an occupational therapist and our experience with Eon. I think we'll rely heavily on both in the months to come.

Please pray for him as he transitions into his new life. Pray for us as we attempt to get to know him by keeping him occupied for days on end in a hotel room, too!


  1. I am excited for your family! Praying for him and you as this relationship grows.

  2. I love reading these updates! Sounds like you are all off to a good start...Praying for you that all goes smoothly and you get custody soon :)

  3. Tears here... So happy for you all!!!

  4. Blessings to you and everyone involved!

  5. Tears in my eyes; read the story to the family!!!!

  6. Tears in my eyes!!! My husband listened to it all; God is working on his heart!!!