Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Attachment & Hospitalization...not a mix.

I think I shared that when we were in Serbia, I developed what started out feeling like a kidney stone on my left side and turned into an infection.

It was very scary, as well as painful, because Serbian healthcare is a far cry from American healthcare. Thankfully, our translator is also a dentist and he was able to get me some antibiotics which seemed to help initially. Then I started to get worse. We had planned to take me to the hospital or clinic the next day, but I woke up fever-free and feeling loads better. Glory to God!

Fast forward to Sunday night. My sister and family had just left after meeting our newest family member and I started to have right flank pain. I have a significant history of kidney stones and I always make really big ones, like the size of a robin's egg. What's your super power?

I took a pain pill and tried to breathe the pain away. I lasted until midnight, woke up Shawn, and we headed to the ER.
They took some blood, started an IV, and gave me morphine. Did not touch it. Gave me more morphine. Still nothing. Gave me anti-nausea meds which didn't stop the vomiting, either. Gave me toradol which eased the pain, but didn't come close to knocking it out. Finally gave me something wonderful but I can't remember the name. Bliss!

The Doogie-Howser-looking-doctor was very excited after he read my medical history and found my last stone was 1.2 cm, so he gleefully sent me for a CT scan. I did not disappoint. This time, I have bilateral monster kidney stones, which is quite a rarity, I'm told. I was admitted and then waited all day yesterday to be worked in to have stents placed. By that time, I had a nasty infection so was kept last night and tonight for more IV antibiotics. 

So, from the perspective of Eon and KJ, I left home for three weeks and they thought I lived in the computer but was never really coming home. Then I came home and was just getting them used to me leaving for short periods only, when I sneaked off in the middle of the night and didn't come home.

From Bogdan's perspective, I was the woman who calls herself "Mama" who took him from everything he knew, spent just about every waking second with him, then sneaked off in the middle of the night and didn't come back.

Not exactly the re-entry and attachment plan I had in mind.

But, you know what? God is good. This did not take Him by surprise and He is with my little ones even now. He has a plan and I'm choosing to rest in that knowledge. (It's possible the pain meds are helping me rest a bit, too.)

Here I am, avoiding my responsibilities in such a lovely shade of green.


  1. Will you have lithotripsy? My husband and sons get stones, you poor things, I hear it is worse than childbirth. I got the flu a few days after coming home from Ukraine, so sick I could not get out of bed, Kara survived, Meghan was her constant companion. Get well soon!

    1. I will have lithotripsy on the right and they will go up and remove the stone on the left (at the same time) next week. Have to wait until the infection is resolved.

  2. Bless your heart! Praying for your healing. Kids are resilient they will be thrilled when you walk in the door. Good for B to know that you come back too! ;)