Thursday, February 7, 2013

Missing Home

We are playing the waiting game. The social centre originally scheduled the adoption ceremony for yesterday, assuming the final report would've been signed by the Minister within 24 hours. 

It wasn't.

No word yesterday, either. While we wait, I've thought of all kinds of things I miss about home. I wanted to write them here so when I am actually home, I'll be less likely to take them for granted.

  • The super seven. I almost think Skype, as wonderful as it is, might make the missing of our other kids worse. When I see sweet KJ's little lip stick out because she misses me, I can barely stand it.
  • My pillows. I am a little excessive with pillows. I have a memory foam one for under my head, one for between my knees, and one I hug to decrease shoulder pain. I miss them.
  • Reliable wireless. I miss accessing facebook on my phone, uploading pictures, etc. Our facilitator bought us a thumb drive that provides internet and loaned us a laptop as it doesn't work on ours, which is WONDERFUL and I am so grateful for it! Without it, we couldn't Skype the kids. But, the keyboard is different and I have to actually use trial and error when finding punctuation keys, and the instructions are in cyrillic for uploading pictures or logging into a site. It's the little things.
  • Understanding others and being understood when I leave home. Many people speak English, and...many people don't. They do seem to appreciate our very comical attempts at Serbian, though.
  • My curling iron. Yes, I am that vain.
  • Familiar foods. I'm so happy that I brought a jar of Jif peanut butter, though. That was genius. We have been fairly adventuresome with our willingness to try food from street vendors. So far we've had some really yummy gyros, a huge & unidentified meat burger, pizza, and an italian sandwich of some kind.
I asked Shawn what he misses and he said:

  • Family - kids.
  • Wings
  • Television without cyrillic subtitles.
He's a simple guy. 

There are some things I will miss when we leave:

  • A home that stays remarkably clean (so much easier with just 3 of us.)
  • The awesome bakery with the yummy muffins and great lattes that's right around the corner.
  • Down time. While we've had too much of it, a little is nice, and I don't remember having much of it at home.
  • Blackout blinds (rolldown shutters?) on the outside of all the windows. Bliss!
  • Quiet moments to complete a thought...or a blog post.
Prayers for a signature and for things to move along here so we can rejoin the rest of our family are so appreciated!


  1. Oh those roll-down hurricane blinds (because they get a lot of hurricanes there. NOT!) are awesome! I have a hard time eating there when I go by myself. I am not quite as adventurous when I'm alone, but this time I'm bringing another guinea pig along! I always miss my pillows too. There must be some sleeping habits we learn when pregnant. LOL

  2. Praying for everything to be wrapped up quickly so you can get home and all be a family. But, a piece of that place will remain with you always.