Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Bit of History

You're probably wondering why I gathered you all here. 

My dad says this anytime he enters a crowded elevator or waiting room in attempt to bring some humor and break the ice, as if everyone were just waiting for his arrival. 

It's all I could think of when I wondered how in the world I would follow my last post which went a little viral. So many people have been dropping by this blog of mine, I didn't quite know what to make of it. 

But then I thought about what I'm looking for when I visit the blog after reading something from a new-to-me author. I want to know more about them, what makes them tick, what started the story, etc. 

Blogger's not real great at helping you search and find all that stuff, (and I've been too lazy and intimidated to make the switch to Wordpress) so let me help you out. 

Here is Eon's birthstory and let me give you a little background. When I was pregnant with him, I was sent to the perinatologist after the ultrasound tech detected echogenic cardiac foci (bright spots on his heart). Once there, my age (38) and his echogenic (bright) bowel gave us 1:20 odds that he'd have Down syndrome. His short, but still on the bottom of the "normal" range, femurs did not factor in. Given that our other kids are all very tall for their ages, this was a personal marker for us and I spent a good month or two of my pregnancy convinced that I was having a baby with Down syndrome. 

And then, I suppose because I was busy with the five kids we already had, I completely forgot about the risks and the odds and by the time I was in labor, Down syndrome was not even a thought. Please forgive my lack of people-first language in the post. I cringe when I read it now, but I was a complete newbie at the time and didn't know better. 

God is Good and Doubt are some posts about the faith journey early on the road with our boy. 

And then there's this Surprise post in which I grapple with the discovery our family is not growing the way I think it should. It's obvious in that post that God had already planted the seed in our hearts for adoption. Enough Kids? grows that idea a bit and explains our hearts more thoroughly. 

Adoption tells that our circumstances changed and we decided to take the leap. In going back to read that post I want to tell my former self that waiting for the littles to be potty trained is probably more wisdom than excuse, but too late now. 

We chose to adopt from Serbia because of it's semi-closed policy, meaning that we wouldn't get information on a child until our dossier was approved. In other words, we wouldn't have to pour over pictures and choose a child, something I was agonizing over before learning of Serbia. It's Official tells of the initial information we were given of Bogdan and when I read it I laugh and laugh that it says "good sleeper" because he was anything but one of those! 

From that post you can read the trail forward of his adoption story from when we were in country and his homecoming, including my health woes while there and subsequent hospitalization at home. 

He's been home fifteen months and our lives have been turned upside down, but we wouldn't trade him for the world. It has been hard, exhausting, outrageous, and beyond amazing. 

I also blog, occasionally, about my faith journey at Remnant of Grace.

That, in a blogger nutshell, is a bit of history for you new to the story. I hope you decide to stick around and enjoy the journey with us. 

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