Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bad Momma

Simeon has feeding issues. He was aspirating thin liquids, so we thicken them. At the last swallow study, the specialist thought he was simply afraid of aspirating so he was self-limiting because feeding was scary for him.

I've been measuring the infant cereal that I add to his bottles in a metric container. This morning, I realized that I left that container downstairs. Too lazy to run down and get it, I decided to do the conversion to English measurements in my head and use the measuring spoon I had upstairs with me. Bad idea.

After mixing the bottle, I sat down to feed him, only to have him gag and sputter. I tried again...more gagging. What in the world? I kept trying with the same result. (What's the definition of insanity?) Finally, I clued in that I mis-measured. I ran downstairs and retrieved the metric container and realized that I only gave him half the thickener he needs. Ugh. Poor kid!

By the time I got it right, he was so freaked out he just clamped his mouth closed. Smart little cookie. He finally did take it, but eyed me suspiciously the whole time.

Bad Momma!

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