Thursday, April 30, 2009

OT today

Today, Eon had his second OT session. For some unknown reason, he didn't nap this morning and so was completely out when his therapist, Jenny, showed up at 2. He smiled a bit and seemed happy when I woke him up...for about 5 minutes. Then he just fussed and fussed. I fixed him a bottle so she could observe his feeding. After telling her how well he's been doing, he completely proved me wrong and obviously aspirated a few times. Little stinker. I think the milk was too cold as I'd gotten it out of the fridge and didn't spend a great deal of time warming it up. Of course, I didn't come to that conclusion until she was gone.

I used to work with Jenny when we were new grads. It is really fun having her back in my life! Eon didn't appear to be a big fan, today, though. He continued to fuss after he ate and really gave her a hard time as she attempted to treat him. Oh well. She had some ideas for me to try with him and did say he's tracking better than last time. Next time, she'll see him in the morning. Hopefully, he'll be nicer to her!

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