Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This is a post I wrote last year at this time. I read something recently that made me dredge it up again. Not specifically related to Down syndrome, though.

We don't like the term "anti-abortion". It's a term the media and those "prochoice" coined to avoid the term "prolife". And yet, for most of my life, anti-abortion was a better descriptor of who I was than prolife. Oh, I called myself prolife, and I had the republican voting record to back it up. I was against abortion. Isn't that what "prolife" means?

I don't think so. Can you call yourself prolife and make comments to a mom with a large family like "better you than me" or "don't you know what causes that?" Can you call yourself prolife and fail to offer sincere congratulations to a newly pregnant mom who already has a 5 month-old baby? Can you call yourself prolife and scorn the pregnant teen, more interested in how she found herself in that position than with the precious baby she's carrying in her womb? Can you call yourself prolife and honestly think that the struggling mom with four under the age of five has too many children...even if part of her struggles are financial? Can you be prolife and look at my new baby and see anything less than a perfect gift from God?

NO! The answer is emphatically no. See, prolife means to be for life, not just against abortion. We have to support life and be certain in our own minds that God is the author of life. Let me say that again. God is the author of life, regardless of the foolish choices or less than desirable circumstances surrounding it. He alone decides who should be. Every life that He creates is cause for celebration.

Pro means "for". Being truly prolife is much more difficult than being anti-abortion. Being against abortion means voting our conscience, emailing elected officials, speaking out against it, etc. Being for life involves so much more. It means loving people as Jesus does; hating the sin, but embracing the person. It means giving time, money, and support to those who are in the field ministering to someone with an unwanted pregnancy. It means stepping outside of ourselves and offering help to those who were brave enough to choose life. Most importantly, it means taking a long, hard look at ourselves and asking the Holy Spirit to reveal any thoughts, attitudes, or actions on our part that are not consistent with the Word of God regarding life.

That last step is the hardest. I know. There were many for me. But God is able to change the most ingrained paradigm for those who are willing to adopt His perspective. Choose life!

I would add that considering adoption of one of the 147 million orphans worldwide is an excellent place to start. If you are not in a position to do so, support someone who is!


  1. love this. It takes judgement of others to a different level and one that most never think about.

  2. Nice to meet you! Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

    Great post.

  3. This is a great post. Point well taken. I consider myself "prolife" but was very unhappy when I first learned I was expecting #5. Not very prolife is it? Thanks for your comments on my blog. :-)