Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I have been MIA in blog land for the last week as we were attacked by a tummy bug. Attacked as in every. single. one. of. us. It started exactly a week ago with the 2yo and has run through the entire family. The worst part is that it lasted for days for each person, with the exception of Ben. We joke that Ben has a compulsion for hand sanitizer but, as he is the only one who was down for a mere 24 hours, I think maybe he's onto something there. :)

Eon, though started vomiting Thursday night, seemed to get better by Sunday, was given formula and started vomiting again. The nurse at the ped's office had told me it was safe to reintroduce formula after 24hrs from the last episode, as long as he was keeping down other liquids and food...which he was. Yesterday, he slept most of the day, just waking up to whine and drink pedialyte. :( I finally gave him Tylenol and some stage 2 pears in the evening and he was much happier.

After sleeping fourteen hours last night, he was his old self this morning! I was so excited. He seemed hungry and, since it had been 36 hours since his last vomiting episode, I gave him formula. DOH! An hour and a half later, he started with projectile vomiting AGAIN! Ugh. So we're back to applesauce-thickened Pedialyte today. We were on our way to the Dollar Tree, so I'm glad we didn't make it out the door! Can you imagine me at the store with six kids, one of them projectile vomiting in the aisle? Ack!

My biggest concern is that he might be aspirating when he vomits. :( He's sounding very gurgly afterward and Shawn thinks his breathing looks a tad labored this afternoon. We're watching him closely.

I have not yet found a good way to catch projectile vomit from a 13 month-old, except with whatever clothing I happen to be wearing. :) Sunday, I knew it was coming so I held a bowl up to him. It missed the bowl completely and shot all over me! Hilarious! (I even found it funny at the time!) I've done more laundry in the last week than I have in the last six months. Shawn says the last time we had clean sheets every day.....we had to tip the maid.


  1. I admire your sense of humor regarding projectile vomiting...lol. Don't think I could handle it. Praying all is well with your little man soon!

  2. There is nothing worse than a houseful of vomiting kids. And I only have half as many as you! We had several bouts of that last winter, and I am not looking forward sickness again- autumn here now :( Hope all are better soon.

  3. Oh man, no fun that everyone got it all together! I'm happy you were able to find the humor in the situations though, makes them much more manageable! I hope he gets feeling better really soon, keep us updated!

  4. I'm sorry sorry everyone has been sick, and I'm glad to hear you have a sense of humor about vomit. I'm not sure I could...

  5. You poor Momma! I feel for you! Hope everyone is on the mend very soon!

  6. Oh boy! I don't think it gets any worse than the stomach virus...I almost gag just thinking about it.
    Hope everyone is feeling better soon!