Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Nursery

Eon is not a fan of the church nursery. He has some seperation anxiety and spending the morning with a bunch of strange adults, and even stranger kids, is just not his cup of apple juice. Maybe the problem is that we had a run on girls in our church around the time Eon was born and he is the only boy that's nursery age. Today our friend, Doug, was working in the nursery, so I thought we'd give it a whirl. My other two boys generally hated the nursery, too, but they loved Doug.

Actually, he did last a record amount of time (for him) in there this morning. Apparently, I forgot to mention to Doug's wife, Teresa, that Eon is now crawling and pulling up to stand. Eon, being intimidated by all those girls, I'm sure, just sat and played with toys for almost an hour without moving. Toward the end of the hour, he started to fuss a bit and Teresa was concerned that his back was getting tired. Thinking he couldn't reposition himself, she laid him down. He promptly flipped over and sat up. Hmmmm. Then Doug did the unthinkable. He put Eon in the exersaucer. I heard the reaction to that from my seat downstairs in the sanctuary.

After I went and rescued him, I decided that Eon must've been listening to his PT all those times when she disapproved of exersaucers for kids like him. :)


  1. Well...he made it known that he was not happy! However, why is the exersaucer not good? I haven't heard that one.

  2. poor poor baby! Girls have cooties!