Friday, March 5, 2010


I'm a simple girl. I have a simple belief system, a simple lifestyle, and a simple worldview. That's not to say that I'm simplistic, mind you, just uncomplicated.

I believe, for example, that those who are unwilling to accept challenges with a child, should not have unprotected sex. I don't understand saying, out of one side of your mouth, that people with Down syndrome are "more alike than different" and that your life with your child is "normal", and, out of the other side, that you will pursue IVF with embryo screening to make sure you don't get another one with Ds. It's ludicrous to me. It doesn't add up.

But, again, I'm a simple girl. Never could figure out the new math.


  1. Hmm....well, there's the possibility that while life seems "normal" to them, they do not want to deal with the possibility that they could end up with even more "normal". We have 2 children with life-threatening heart disease (both adopted). I would not adopt a third. While life is quite "normal" with them, I really don't want to submit myself to a third possibility that we will be mourning an early death. Of course it COULD happen with any child or person, but when two of your children have needed heart transplants and the prognosis is not good, why go through that again if you are already dreading the early goodbye.

    That being said, I'm 100% against abortion, so if I were pregnant, there is no way on earth that I would do tests to make sure I wasn't carrying a baby with DS or a heart issue. The result would do nothing for me.

  2. I agree 100%! It sounds like "playing God" to me.

    I'm also tired of hearing about a "women's choice." As far as I'm concerned, women already have choices:

    1. If you don't want a child, don't have sex or make sure that you don't become pregnant!

    2. If you become pregnant and don't want a child, put them up for adoption so that someone who really wants a child can love them!

    Sounds like choice to me! I guess I'm a simple girl too.

  3. Read the same thing on BBC and felt the same way.