Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Still here

We were supposed to be a direct admit yesterday, but someone forgot to tell the ER, so we visited with them for 4 1/2 hours. Of course, they wouldn't let Eon eat, so he went 6 hours without a feed. He was an amazing little trooper and a huge fan of pacifiers dipped in sugar water. We finally got a room (and Eon finally got a bottle), but by then it was too late to get any of the tests that were ordered. Disorganization seems to be the rule around here.

Today, he had an upper GI, and ultrasound, and a speech consult for feeding issues. Tomorrow, he is supposed to have a contrast CT scan under general anesthesia in the morning and a nap/sleep study in the afternoon. Tests seem to breed more tests, so all of that is subject to change.

I would give you an update on what they found and what they're looking for, but honestly, I've decided that ignorance is bliss and have tuned out all explanations of possibilities. I just want them to tell me what they find and how they plan to fix it.

I'm finding it difficult to be here. The staff is wonderful, the disorganization is frustrating, and not having a bathroom in the room is maddening. I don't like to leave him unless he's sleeping so I'm trying to coordinate my bathroom trips, meal runs, and pumping sessions with his internal clock. I'm learning to really multi-task when Shawn is here so I can meet all of my needs while he stays with the baby. This morning, I didn't eat breakfast until he came at 11:30. I was hungry, but mostly I just really needed coffee! :)

We have had some positives though. The nurse came in to check his vitals at 4:00 a.m. and I decided to go to the pumping room. I came back to her holding my wailing baby. The second he heard my voice, he instantly calmed. I didn't even know he knew I existed! He is definitely showing a preference for both Shawn and I. Shawn passed him to another nurse while he fixed a bottle, and he would have none of it! That bottom lip started puckering and then he lost it.

I was doing some belly time with him and he suddenly rolled over. He's done that a few times, but it's never been intentional. This time, when I put him back, he immediately rolled over again! Yeah! Now he does it every time we place him tummy down. He gives us a huge grin, like he's pretty proud of himself, too.

Hopefully, we will come home tomorrow evening, but I'm not holding my breath.

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  1. Thinking of you and hope you and Eon are both doing well and that you are getting some answers.