Saturday, June 6, 2009

We've had no apnea alarms since my last post! Yay! I did call the cardiologist's office and reported the bradycardia (low heart rate) to the nurse who didn't seem to care. Which is fine. If she's not concerned, niether am I.

Four of Eon's siblings spent the last week with their cousins at my sister, Tonya's house. According to her, they were amazingly obedient and wonderful (until the last day). Once they arrived home, all sense of obedience seemed to fly out the window. Why is that? It's like they had to work so hard at being good, they let it all hang out when they come home. We call it "re-entry" and it has been difficult at best.

Eon, however, seems energized at having them home. He is eager to show off his new skills for them, like batting at the hanging kitty on his swing or waving his "hallelujah hand" while sitting in his bouncy seat. Mostly, he just seems more awake and interactive. Apparently, we were boring him. I was actually concerned that he was sleeping so much, but I think he was just taking advantage of the quiet. I wish I would've joined him!

Surgery is Friday and I am starting to let worry creep in. I wish I had a better idea of what it entails and what I can expect for recovery. I guess I have to wait until pre-op on Thursday to get the details.


  1. Oh Tara.. re-entry. Hilarious.. kids are so good at that and re-entry is always hard!! At least, with mine it is. :)

    I will be praying for you and Eon this week and his upcoming surgery. Praying for the peace of God that makes absolutely no sense in our world.. for calmness, rest in GOD... for you to sense HIS presence at all times.. even during re-entry.

  2. I read your post on BBC. Hang in there. The pre-stuff is the hardest. Soon it will all be a distant memory. I'm praying!!! God bless you all!